Bob is a 5 years old gelding and stands at around 14 hands (141cm). The player in the stables, Bob is still under training and can only be only ridden by horse club staff or very experienced riders. We are hoping he will take guests late in 2018. However, he is proving to be a great ride and I’m sure will go on to be one of the best beach rides in the stables. Bob is of Arabian / Somali mix and is the younger brother of Lu Lu, who he loves to tease. Bob can often be seen playing in the yard with Crumble his best friend.


Crumble is an 8 year old gelding and is the oldest horse in the stables. He is a beautiful Grey with a black mane. Crumble is the best friend of Bob and they will play together for hours if left alone in the yard. He is our smallest but fastest horse and is great with all level of riders including kids. He is, however, quite small standing at only 13.2 hands (138cm) and therefore he cannot carry guests who weigh more than 70/75 kilo.

Lu Lu

Lu Lu is a 6 to 7-year-old mare and is the in stables princess. She is a strong reliable horse, although can sometimes be a bit lazy. She loves a long rein and to splash in the sea and is our best swimmer and she loves to splash in the sea and is our best swimmer. She suits all levels of rider and has a perfectly formed trot and canter. Lu Lu stands at around 14.1 Hands but has a solid strong build. She can carry guests that weight up to 75/80 kilo.


Sultan is an Arabian horse and at 4 years old is the youngest and naughtiest horse in the stable. He is still under training and is currently only ridden by experience staff members. Due to his young age, Sultan won’t take out guests until 2019. He is an Egyptian purebred Arabian horse a breed that originates from the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East.

Last Eagle

Last Eagle who recently arrived from South Africa is a 6-year-old brown spotted Appaloosa gelding. He is our largest horse standing at 16.2 hands (168cm). His previous owner had him since birth and during this time he successfully competed in show jumping and dressage competitions. He is a sound, reliable horse that can safely carry any level of rider but due to his size he can comfortably carry up to 100 kilos.


Oreo, who recently arrived from South Africa, is a black spotted Appaloosa gelding who stands at around 16 hands. At just under 5 years old he is also a young chap but has been under saddle for at least a year and is an excellent horse to ride. Oreo loves trotting and is very comfortable. Like Last Eagle, he can carry larger guests up to 100 kilos. Due to his beautiful coat and gentle nature Oreo is fast becoming a favourite with guests and the local children alike.