Northern Explorer Beach & Villages Ride


Nungwi Village to Kidoti Village (approx 3 hours riding, including transport back to stables)………$150.00

We head straight out onto the main Nungwi beach and head South east along approx 8 kilometres of the best beaches in Zanzibar. Once we hit the Village of Kendwa we move off the beaches onto the small rear roads and pathways.   From here we continue our hack through the more remote forests and and outer villages of Kendwa and Kidoti. We will pass through the more remote parts of the northern Zanzibar, experiencing village life in the none tourist areas.  After approx 3 hours we will reach our paddocks at Kidoti Village, here we will untack the horses and put them out to pasture. We will take a cold drinks, enjoying the amazing views from Kidoti. A taxi will then take you back to the stables or your hotel if located in Nungwi or Kendwa. If you are coming from hotels further afield, we can arrange for your own transport to collect you direct from Kidoti.